Camp Woodward

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    01 нояб в 07:00Сезон 6. 1-я серия - "The Big Trip"
    вс, 1 нояб
    Сезон 6. 1-я серия - "The Big Trip"

    Frankie, Johnny and Jacob leave their homes and family behind and begin the adventure of their lives in order to pursue the dream of becoming pro skaters.

    Сезон 6. 2-я серия - "Camp Kick-Off"

    The young skaters arrive at Camp and meet their new counselors that you may know from previous seasons. The adventure begins and the kids face their first challenges at camp.

    пн, 2 нояб
    Сезон 6. 5-я серия - "Don’t Mess with Chuck"

    Jacob has a skate private session with Mike Vallely, Johnny welcomes a special client in the skate shop and Frankie decides to test the camp boundaries.

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We follow the adventures of four young skaters who dream of one day becoming professional athletes. This will be the summer they've always dreamt of: they will progress in skateboarding and make friends for life.

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